The survey is completely anonymous. No personal data will be collected and/or processed for any purpose.
A. Respondent's profile:
Age:      Gender:      Country of work:
My interest in the STOA is mainly as:
interested citizen
researcher / academia
working for a public/government authority
working for a public organisation
working for a private non-profit organisation (e.g. NGO)
working for a private for-profit organisation (e.g. industry)
B. Questions related to the scientific content of the study:
B1. How do you judge the overall scientific quality of the study?
B2. How do you judge the novelty of the work (e.g. methodology or issues addressed)?
B3. Do you think that the conclusions are consistent with the data?
B4. How do you judge its relevance for the field of expertise?
C. Questions related to the format and style of the study:
C1. How do you judge the overall format and style quality of the study?
C2. How do you judge the quality (e.g. clarity) of the writing and use of language?
C3. Which product do you find most useful?